A Field Guide to How “Ben Sykes”and His Team Have Brought New Momentum to Medicine Compounding

Veterinarians are often at odds with their willingness and desire to heal their cuddly patients, but the lack of resources and the systems that hold them back from impeccable care. The practical act of care is often challenging. This is especially so in environments where the animal is exotic, the condition is uncommon, and the marketplace is inaccessible.


The above creates a whirlwind of unfortunate circumstances for many of the best veterinarian care specialists. What can be done about it? One way to circumvent this area is through compounding medicine. “Ben Sykes” and his accomplished team, led partly by Nick Bova, have catapulted compound techniques to a new level.

The argument is actually rather simple. Why are uncommon medicines so readily unavailable, and why can’t they be more accessible? For many, obtaining often rare and often over-regulated medications can require frustrating red tape. Though some of these hold-backs are important (this is medication after all), many of them are not.

Quick Supply

The puzzling conundrum is that high-end boutique medicines need to be available quickly for those uncommon but possible odd scenarios. The unfortunate reality is that they rarely are. Veterinary care specialists need to work in a big system to obtain the medicine they need. When the medicine is outside the main radar, it forces the suppliers to respond to personal requests and demands. They are not often built to accommodate very specific orders. They respond slowly due to design. They are too big for their wears.

Compound medicine means organizing small batch and often single-dose orders for peculiar situations. The technique relies on an infrastructure of prompt and custom orders. Specialists like Bova Compounding are not held back by the sheer scale and weight of their enterprise. They can flexibly deliver specific single-batch orders for processing, getting them to the niche resources that need them.

It’s a groundbreaking and elemental change. It is also one that, quite frankly, has been a long time coming. Look at how Ben Sykes, Nick Bova, and a number of other veterinarian care leaders have changed the dynamic from the big to the small. It has opened new possibilities for small requests.

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